Freethinking Atheist and Agnostic Kinship

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Freethinking Atheist and Agnostic Kinship
TypeService club
PurposeBreak Stereotypes, Fight Discrimination
HeadquartersOrange County, California
Area served
MethodActivism, Community Service

The Freethinking Atheist and Agnostic Kinship or FAAK is a Capistrano Valley High School club. The club, created in 2007, has stirred controversy within the Orange County, California community.[1]


Surveys show that atheists, agnostics and freethinkers are the least trusted group of people.[2] The primary purpose of Freethinking Atheist and Agnostic Kinship is to improve this image through activism and community service.

Media attention[edit]

The Freethinking Atheist and Agnostic Kinship has been featured in the Orange County Weekly,[3] Orange County Register[1] and national TV's The O'Reilly Factor.[4] In addition, the club has organized several rallies each drawing over 200 picketers.[1] These rallies have landed on the front pages of Orange County Register[5][6] and Los Angeles Times.[7]


FAAK has brought a local college professor to Capistrano Valley High School.[8]

FAAK was named Club of the Year in 2007-2008 for its activism and excellence in community service.[9]

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