Freetown, Bahamas

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Freetown is located in Bahamas
Coordinates: 24°046′N 76°016′W / 24.767°N 76.267°W / 24.767; -76.267Coordinates: 24°046′N 76°016′W / 24.767°N 76.267°W / 24.767; -76.267
Country Bahamas
 • Total3,138
Time zoneUTC-5 (Eastern Time Zone)
Area code(s)242

Freetown is an area in the Bahamas located on the island of Eleuthera. As of 2018, it had a population of about 100. It should not be confused with the Freetown parliamentary constituency on the island of New Providence, which saw 4,004 votes cast in the 2017 election.[1]

This area is just east of the more populated town (or settlement) of Deep Creek. It is also 2 miles west of the settlement of Waterford. Freetown has no local government and thus would not be considered a settlement by Bahamas standards. This area is located on the southern (east-west) Deep Creek road at the intersection of Freetown Boulevard. At this corner is the Deep Creek Elementary. Up Freeton Blvd. to the north are a few homes and apartments. All public utilities are available in this area as well as cell phone coverage. The closest airport is located to the north at Rock Sound.