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Freeways Today
Freeways planned and under construction

The history of Freeways in Iran goes back to 35 years ago.[when?] The first freeway in Iran, Freeway 2 was built before the revolution, between Tehran and Karaj. The construction of Tehran-Qom Freeway was started and the studies of many freeways today started before the revolution. Today, Iran has about 2,160 kilometres (1,340 mi) of freeway. The total AADT of the system is 144 Million vehicles.[1]

Numbered List[edit]

Freeway 1[edit]

Sign Name Situation
Azadrah1-IR.png Qazvin-Rasht

Freeway 2[edit]

Sign Name Situation
Azadrah2-IR.png Mashhad-Baghche
Azadrah2-IR.png Baghche-Neyshabur Under construction
Azadrah2-IR.png Neyshabur-Semnan Under construction
Azadrah2-IR.png Semnan-Garmsar Under construction
Azadrah2-IR.png Tehran-Karaj
Azadrah2-IR.png Karaj-Qazvin
Azadrah2-IR.png Qazvin-Zanjan
Azadrah2-IR.png Zanjan-Tabriz

Freeway 3[edit]

Sign Name Situation
Azadrah3-IR.png Tehran-Shomal Under construction

Freeway 5[edit]

Sign Name Situation
Azadrah5-IR.png Tehran-Saveh Completed
Azadrah5-IR.png Saveh-Salafchegan Completed
Azadrah5-IR.png Salafchegan-Arak Under construction
Azadrah5-IR.png Arak Northern Bypass Freeway 1 lane complete
Second lane under construction
Azadrah5-IR.png Arak-Borujerd-Khorramabad Under construction
Azadrah5-IR.png Khorramabad-Andimeshk Completed
Azadrah5-IR.png Andimeshk-Ahvaz Under construction
Azadrah5-IR.png Ahvaz-Bandar Khomeini Completed

Freeway 6[edit]

Sign Name Situation
Azadrah6-IR.png Saveh-Hamadan Freeway

Freeway 7[edit]

Sign Name Situation
Azadrah7-IR.png Tehran-Qom
Azadrah7-IR.png Qom-Kashan-Esfahan
Azadrah7-IR.png Esfahan Western Bypass

Freeway 9[edit]

Sign Name Situation
Azadrah9-IR.png Esfahan-Shahinshahr


Sign Name Situation
Azadrah51-IR.png Zobahan


Sign Name Situation
Esfahan Eastern Bypass Under Construction
Mashhad Northern bypass Completed
Qom-Garmsar Completed
Kerman-Anar Planned
Kerman-Zahedan-Mirjaveh Planned
Mashhad-Bojnurd-Gorgan Under construction
Natanz-Sirjan Planned
Shiraz-Bushehr Planned
Shiraz-Esfahan Planned
Shiraz-Firuzabad-Jam Planned
Sirjan-Bandarabbas Planned
Tabriz-Orumieh Under construction