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Freeways Today
Freeways planned and under construction

The history of Freeways in Iran goes back to 35 years ago.[when?] The first freeway in Iran, Freeway 2 was built before the revolution, between Tehran and Karaj. The construction of Tehran-Qom Freeway was started and the studies of many freeways today started before the revolution. Today, Iran has about 1,900 kilometres (1,200 mi) of freeway.

Numbered List[edit]

Freeway 1[edit]

Sign Name Situation
Azadrah1-IR.png Qazvin-Rasht

Freeway 2[edit]

Sign Name Situation
Azadrah2-IR.png Mashhad-Baghche
Azadrah2-IR.png Baghche-Neyshabur Under construction
Azadrah2-IR.png Neyshabur-Semnan Under construction
Azadrah2-IR.png Semnan-Garmsar Under construction
Azadrah2-IR.png Tehran-Karaj
Azadrah2-IR.png Karaj-Qazvin
Azadrah2-IR.png Qazvin-Zanjan
Azadrah2-IR.png Zanjan-Tabriz

Freeway 3[edit]

Sign Name Situation
Azadrah3-IR.png Tehran-Shomal Under construction

Freeway 5[edit]

Sign Name Situation
Azadrah5-IR.png Tehran-Saveh Completed
Azadrah5-IR.png Saveh-Salafchegan Completed
Azadrah5-IR.png Salafchegan-Arak Under construction
Azadrah5-IR.png Arak Northern Bypass Freeway 1 lane complete
Second lane under construction
Azadrah5-IR.png Arak-Borujerd-Khorramabad Under construction
Azadrah5-IR.png Khorramabad-Andimeshk Completed
Azadrah5-IR.png Andimeshk-Ahvaz Under construction
Azadrah5-IR.png Ahvaz-Bandar Khomeini Completed

Freeway 6[edit]

Sign Name Situation
Azadrah6-IR.png Saveh-Hamadan Freeway

Freeway 7[edit]

Sign Name Situation
Azadrah7-IR.png Tehran-Qom
Azadrah7-IR.png Qom-Kashan-Esfahan
Azadrah7-IR.png Esfahan Western Bypass

Freeway 9[edit]

Sign Name Situation
Azadrah9-IR.png Esfahan-Shahinshahr


Sign Name Situation
Azadrah51-IR.png Zobahan


Sign Name Situation
Esfahan Eastern Bypass Under Construction
Mashhad Northern bypass Completed
Qom-Garmsar Completed
Kerman-Anar Planned
Kerman-Zahedan-Mirjaveh Planned
Mashhad-Bojnurd-Gorgan Under construction
Natanz-Sirjan Planned
Shiraz-Bushehr Planned
Shiraz-Esfahan Planned
Shiraz-Firuzabad-Jam Planned
Sirjan-Bandarabbas Planned
Tabriz-Orumieh Under construction