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This article is about the BBC comedy series. For the Japanese anime, see List of Freezing episodes.

Freezing is a BBC comedy series starring Hugh Bonneville and Elizabeth McGovern about an otherwise successful couple in their forties who find themselves out of work. Matt (Bonneville) is a publisher who has recently lost his job and Elizabeth (McGovern) is an Oscar-nominated American actress who is having a hard time getting work since moving to live with Matt in London.

Freezing was originally a one-off comedy as part of BBC Four's Tight Spot season in February 2007,[1] which then became the first episode of the series when it aired on BBC Two in February 2008. [2]

Freezing is written by James Wood and directed by Simon Curtis. [3]


Elizabeth McGovern is herself an Oscar nominated actress who moved to London to live with her husband, Simon Curtis.


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