Freiband/Bass Communion – Headwind/Tailwind

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Headwind tailwind.jpg
EP by Freiband & Bass Communion
Released September 2009
Recorded June 2009 Remix: 15 July 2009
Genre Ambient, Drone
Length 18:30
Label My Own Little Label
Producer Steven Wilson

Headwind/Tailwind is an EP by Freiband (Stage name of Frans De Waard). The EP features a track by Freiband and a remix by Bass Communion and was released on Frans De Waard's My Own Little Label


After releasing the EP Haze Shrapnel, which contained a Bass Communion track and a Freiband remix, Steven Wilson and Frans De Waard decided to switch roles. The result was an EP featuring a track by Freiband, titled Headwind, as well as a remix by Bass Communion, using only Freiband track as source material, titled Tailwind.[1]

Due to the success of Haze Shrapnel, Headwind/Tailwind was released as a 3" factory pressed CD rather than as a CD-R, like the majority of My Own Little Label releases, including Haze Shrapnel.[2]

Track listing[edit]

No. Title Length
1. "Headwind" 10.30
2. "Tailwind" (Bass Communion Remix) 8:00