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Freidorf (German for "free village"; Hungarian: Szabadfalu) was one of the first German settlements in Temes County, Kingdom of Hungary. It was recorded in 1369 as Zabadfalua, Zabadfalu, in 1415, 1482 as Zabadfalu, in 1808 as Freydorf, Frajtok, in 1851, 1888 as Freidorf, Szabadfalva, from 1913 as Szabadfalu.[1] In 1920, it became part of Romania, since 1950 it is a district of the city of Timişoara. Freidorf maintains a beautiful architecture, old German-style homes, and many green spaces.

Notable people[edit]

Notable people that were born or lived in Freidorf include:

Coordinates: 45°43′42″N 21°10′52″E / 45.72833°N 21.18111°E / 45.72833; 21.18111


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