Freienbach SBB railway station

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Location Bahnweg
Freienbach, Schwyz
Coordinates 47°12′26″N 8°45′23″E / 47.207361°N 8.756479°E / 47.207361; 8.756479Coordinates: 47°12′26″N 8°45′23″E / 47.207361°N 8.756479°E / 47.207361; 8.756479
Owned by Swiss Federal Railways
Operated by Swiss Federal Railways
Line(s) Lake Zurich left-bank line
Preceding station   Swiss rail network   Following station
Bäch   Zurich S-Bahn
S8 service
  Pfäffikon SZ
Freienbach is located in Switzerland
Location within Switzerland

Freienbach SBB railway station is a railway station in the Swiss canton of Schwyz and municipality of Freienbach. The station is located on the Lake Zurich left-bank railway line, owned by the Swiss Federal Railways (SBB). It is an intermediate stop on Zurich S-Bahn service S8, between Zurich and Pfaffikon SZ.[1][2][3]

Freienbach SBB station should not be confused with the nearby Freienbach SOB railway station, which is on the Pfäffikon SZ–Arth-Goldau line. The two stations are approximately 500 metres (1,600 ft) apart on foot.


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