Freight Train (Nitro song)

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"Freight Train"
Single by Nitro
from the album O.F.R.
Released 1989
Recorded 1988
Genre Glam metal
Length 3:55
Label Rhino
Writer(s) Michael Angelo Batio
Producer(s) Charlie Watts
Nitro singles chronology
Double Trouble (1989) Fright Train (1989) Long Way From Home (1989)

Freight Train is a song on the 1989 album by Nitro, O.F.R.. In the video for Freight Train, Michael Angelo Batio uses the one-of-a-kind quad guitar, which is a guitar with 4 necks. The top two necks have 7 strings and the bottom 2 have 6 strings. Unfortunately, that guitar was stolen after the second performance of the "Nitro" "O.F.R" tour in El Paso, Texas. Then, in 2004, a fan showed up to one of Batio's performances with a guitar case. The fan opened up the case to reveal 2 of the four guitars that had made up the famous Quad Guitar.

The song is also notable for the shriek Jim Gillette performs before the first guitar solo, among the highest in popular heavy metal music.[1]


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