Freiheit (film)

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Freiheit scrn.gif
Directed byGeorge Lucas
Written byGeorge Lucas
StarringRandal Kleiser
CinematographyGeorge Lucas
Edited byGeorge Lucas
Distributed byUniversity of Southern California
Release date
Running time
3 minutes

Freiheit (German for "freedom") is a 1966 short film by George Lucas, made while he was a student at the University of Southern California's film school.[1][2] His third film, it was the first to contain a narrative.[3]


The film follows a student's attempt to escape to freedom. This student (Randal Kleiser) tries to run across the Berlin border from East to West Germany, but ends up being shot in the chest and side gut and is mortally wounded. While he dies, he thinks about dying for freedom.

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