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FremantleTrainStation gobeirne.jpg
Location Market Street, Queen Street, Phillimore Street, Elder Place
Operated by Transperth Trains
Distance 18.7 km (11.6 mi) from Perth
Platforms 2 (1 side, 1 bay)
Bus routes 24
Bus stands 13, 11 are currently in use
Structure type Closed Station
Other information
Station code FFE
Fare zone 2

Coordinates: 32°03′07″S 115°44′44″E / 32.051826°S 115.745451°E / -32.051826; 115.745451

Fremantle Station, is a Transperth station 18.7 km from Perth, in Western Australia, and is the terminus of the Fremantle Line, with frequent passenger services to Perth and Midland.[1][2] Between 5am and 6pm all Perth-bound trains from Fremantle, except one, are Midland Line through services terminating at Midland station.


The first Fremantle railway station, 1881

The original Fremantle railway station was constructed in 1881 next to Cliff Street. Following the extension of the Eastern Railway to Kalgoorlie in 1896, the station was an important hub for gold miners arriving in Western Australia via ship and then travelling to the Yilgarn and Eastern Goldfields.

In 1907 the station and marshalling yards were established at the present location to better service the newly constructed Fremantle Harbour. The site was the location of the Railway Workshops, prior to their relocation to Midland Junction in 1904.[3][4]

The station was designed by William Dartnell, Chief Engineer of Existing Lines of the Railway Department in 1905.[5] The construction contract, at an estimated cost of ₤80,000, was awarded in May 1906 to S.B. Alexander and completed on 20 April 1907, with the official opening on 1 July 1907.[4][6][7]

Originally the station had a 500' by 35' island platform opposite the main 500' by 40' platform, with a subway passenger connection to the station.[8] These have not survived.

The Fremantle railway line was closed by the Court Liberal Government in September 1979. Following much public outcry and a change of government it was re-opened in July 1983.[9]


The station features Donnybrook stone construction on the façade with red face brick infill panels on a Donnybrook stone plinth, in Federation Free Classical style featuring a rare example of a large train hall roof. The facade remained unpainted (except for metalwork and timberwork) until it was painted in 1950.[10]

The station was classified by the National Trust in 1974 and entered into the Heritage Council of Western Australia's Register of Heritage Places in 2001.[4] A rationalisation of the rail reserve in 2004 was part of a plan to revitalise the precinct. Fremantle Station has been undergoing a program of staged conservation and restoration works in line with a conservation plan prepared in 1999. This included paint removal and restoration of the main entry façade, refurbishment of most of the internal areas and an electrical upgrade to bring the station up to modern standards. As of July 2010 the works remaining included the restoration of external facades of the station building at an estimated cost of $2.2 million, with completion planned for 2011.[11]


Stop no. Platform Line Stopping pattern Destination Notes
[2773] Fremantle station platforms
99351 Transperth platform 1W.svg Fremantle All, A, B, K, L, S Perth
99352 Transperth platform 2W.svg Fremantle All, A, B, K, L, S Perth Never used anymore. This platform is now an extension of platform 1.
99353 Transperth platform 3W.svg Fremantle All, A, B, K, L, S Perth Only used early at morning and early at night on weekdays.

Bus routes[edit]

Stands 1-5[edit]

Route Number Destination / Description
[10428] Stand 1
    906 Train Replacement Service to Perth
[10429] Stand 2
    697 NightRider to Como via Canning Highway
    699 NightRider to Bull Creek
    688 to Crown Perth, Burswood
[10430] Stand 3
    825 to Rockingham Station via Cockburn Road and Patterson Road
[10431] Stand 4
    920 to Rockingham Station via Rockingham Road, Thomas Road, Gilmore Avenue, Kwinana Hub and Dixon Road
[10432] Stand 5
    530 to Cockburn Central Station via Rockingham Road, Yangebup Road, Osprey Road and Hammon Road
    531 to Cockburn Central Station via Soutwell Crescent, Edeline Street, Marvell Avenue, The Grange and Beeliar Drive
    532 to Cockburn Central Station via South Terrace, Clontarf Road, Hamilton Road, Mayor Road and Beeliar Drive
    533 to Cockburn Central Station via Soutwell Crescent, Edeline Street, Marvell Avenue, The Grange and Hammon Road
    520 to Cockburn Central Station via Hampton Road, Forrest Road, Adventure World and North Lake Road

Stands 6-10[edit]

Route Number Destination / Description
[10433] Stand 6 - Set down only
[10434] Stand 7
    99 CircleRoute anti-clockwise via South Street and Southlands Boulevarde
[10435] Stand 8
    511 to Murdoch Station via Lefroy Road, Winterfold Road, McCombe Avenue, Lesouef Drive and Somerville Boulevard
    513 to Murdoch Station via Lefroy Road, Ralson Street, Cordella Avenue, Coolbelup Avenue and South Street
[10436] Stand 9
    103 to WACA, East Perth via Stirling Highway, QEII Medical Centre, Kings Park Road and St Georges Terrace
    107 to Wellington Street Bus Station via Stirling Highway, Mosman Park, Claremont and Esplanade Busport
    381 to Karrinyup Bus Station via Marine Parade, West Coast Highway, City Beach and Scarborough Beach
[10437] Stand 10
    98 CircleRoute clockwise via Stirling Highway, Stirling Station, Morley Bus Station

Stands 11-13[edit]

Route Number Destination / Description
[10438] Stand 11
    106 to Esplanade Busport via Canning Highway, Canning Bridge Station and Victoria Park transfer station
    111 to WACA, East Perth via Canning Highway, Canning Bridge Station, Kwinana Freeway and Esplanade Busport
[10439] Stand 12
    160 to Terrace Road, East Perth via North Lake Road, South Street, Booragoon bus station and Reynolds Road
    148 to Como Bicton and Attadale
    158 to East Perth via Bicton and Attadale
[25947] Stand 13
    501 to Bull Creek Station via Marmion Street, Booragoon bus station, Riseley Street and Leach Highway
    502 to Bull Creek Station via Amherst Street, Watkins Street, Sainsburry Road and Leach Highway

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Zone 2

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Zone 2
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Fremantle Line
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Zone 2
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Fremantle Line


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