Plaxiphora egregia

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Plaxiphora caelata
Scientific classification
Kingdom: Animalia
Phylum: Mollusca
Class: Polyplacophora
Order: Neoloricata
Family: Mopaliidae
Genus: Plaxiphora Gray, 1847
Species: P. egregia
H. Adams, 1866[1]

Frembleya egregia H. Adams, 1866; Iredale & Hull, 1932; Dell, 1951; Powell, 1979
Plaxiphora ovata Suter, 1913

Plaxiphora egregia is a distinctive chiton in the family Mopaliidae, endemic to the South Island of New Zealand, where it is uncommon.

Description and habitat[edit]

Small flat chiton, 15-25mm in length, usually oval with some individuals almost round. Crests of the valves are smooth with radial ribs and granular grooves running down to the edges, the whole usually light greenish with darker blotches. The yellowish brown girdle is relatively wide and is covered in spicules. There are tufts of white bristles along the inner girdle at the base of each valve suture and at the head, with shorter bristles surrounding the margin poking outwards. P. egregia hollows out a cavity in bull kelp holdfasts, usually on exposed rocky coasts, from low intertidal to shallow subtidal zones. Found from Cook Strait south to Stewart Island.


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