Fremont Assembly

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Fremont Assembly
Industry Automotive industry
Predecessor Oakland Assembly 1916–c. 1965
Successor NUMMI 1984–2010
Tesla Factory (2010–present)
Founded 1962 (1962)
Headquarters Fremont, California, United States
37°29′41.12″N 121°56′41.16″W / 37.4947556°N 121.9447667°W / 37.4947556; -121.9447667Coordinates: 37°29′41.12″N 121°56′41.16″W / 37.4947556°N 121.9447667°W / 37.4947556; -121.9447667
Products cars and trucks
Production output
1,072 vehicles daily
Services Automotive manufacturing
Owner General Motors
Parent General Motors
Fremont Assembly Plant, 1972

Fremont Assembly was a General Motors automobile factory in Fremont, California. Groundbreaking for the plant occurred in September 1961.[1] It was the new site for production in the San Francisco area in 1962 when production moved from the older Oakland Assembly. Production continued through March 1 of 1982 when the plant was closed after production problems. Partially demolished (south end and water tower), the remaining plant was refurbished as the more successful NUMMI joint-venture with Toyota in 1984[2] and later became the Tesla Factory, Tesla Motors' automobile plant in 2010.


The 411-acre (166 ha) Fremont plant produced GM A platform Chevrolet, Pontiac, Buick, and Oldsmobile cars, as well as GMC trucks for the Western United States.[3]


  • Hourly output: 42 cars and 25 trucks per hour (two shifts daily)
  • Daily total: 1,072 vehicles
  • Lines: 112 body styles (44 cars and 68 trucks)
  • Employment: 6,800 in 1979[4]


Some of the models produced at the plant included:

Buick-Oldsmobile-Pontiac Assembly Division (1945–65)[edit]

Plants operating under Chevrolet Assembly management prior to General Motors Assembly Division management (most established pre-1945) were located at St. Louis, Missouri; Janesville, Wisconsin; Buffalo, New York; Norwood, Ohio; Flint (#2), Michigan; Oakland, California; Tarrytown, New York; Lakewood, Georgia; Leeds, Missouri; Baltimore, Maryland; Los Angeles (Van Nuys), California; Ypsilanti (Willow Run), Michigan; and Lordstown, Ohio. Framingham, Massachusetts is unusual in that it changed from B-O-P to Chevy management prior to becoming GMAD.

The terminology is confusing because most plants assembled more than just Chevrolet or B-O-P, and refers to the management structure only. The five brands originated vehicles from their respective "home" plants, where vehicles were assembled locally for their respective regions. Vehicles were also produced in "knock-down" kits and sent to the branch assembly locations. The "home" branches were Flint, Michigan for both Buick and Chevrolet; Oldsmobile at Lansing, Michigan; Pontiac at Pontiac, Michigan; and Cadillac at Detroit, Michigan.[5]

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