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Fremrinámur is located in Iceland
Highest point
Elevation939 m (3,081 ft) [1]
ListingList of volcanoes in Iceland
Coordinates65°25′47″N 16°39′00″W / 65.42972°N 16.65000°W / 65.42972; -16.65000Coordinates: 65°25′47″N 16°39′00″W / 65.42972°N 16.65000°W / 65.42972; -16.65000
Mountain typeVolcanic caldera
Last eruption1200 BCE (?)

Freminrámur is a volcano located on the basalt plateau in Iceland. It is at the junction of the Mid-Atlantic Ridge and the Greenland–Iceland–Faeroe Ridge.[2] It is one of five volcanic systems found in the axial rift zone in north east Iceland.[3]

The last eruption was in 800 BC (± 300 years).[1]


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