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The National Academy of Technologies of France (Académie des technologies) is a learned society, founded in 2000, with an emphasis on technology, and the newest of French academies. In 2007 it acquired the status of établissement public, which enforces its public role.

Its stated missions are as follows:

  • Help to better exploit technologies in service of mankind
  • Provide clarity on emerging technologies
  • Contribute to public discussion of the risks and benefits of technologies
  • Contribute to professional and technological education
  • Interest the young and their parents in technologies and new careers
  • Raise public interest and comprehension in technologies

In 2021 the academy had approximately 350 active members, including emeritus and foreign members. It is organized into a number of commissions, committees, and work groups on subjects including information technology, ethics, energy and the environment, transport, simulation, defense, etc.

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