International Culinary Center

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International Culinary Center
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The International Culinary Center.
School typeTrade/Vocational
Established1984 (1984)
FounderDorothy Cann Hamilton
AuthorizerWine program, Court of Master Sommeliers

The International Culinary Center is a private, for-profit culinary school headquartered in Campbell, California. It was founded as The French Culinary Institute by Dorothy Cann Hamilton in 1984 and has campuses in New York City and the San Francisco Bay Area.[1] The facilities include professional kitchens for hands-on cooking and baking classes, specialized wine tasting classrooms, a library, theater, and event spaces.


New York City campus[edit]

This location includes L'Ecole restaurant on the ground floor and features fare from culinary program students, as well as a Culinary Theater that hosts events, forums, and lectures from graduates.[2] The International Culinary Center is also home to FCI Catering & Events, which creates and caters both on and off-premises private events.[3]

California campus[edit]

Opened in 2011, the center’s California location is in Campbell, in the San Francisco Bay Area.[1] The facilities consist of kitchens, a library, theaters, an event space and a wine tasting room, which hosts a sommelier training course. The facility is the former location of another culinary school, the Professional Culinary Institute.[4]


In 1984 when the school first opened, it was visited by chef Julia Child, who reportedly arranged to have the school profiled on Good Morning America one week later.[4]

In July 2014 a lawsuit was filed by two program graduates against the ICC for alleged misleading advertising claims regarding post graduation employment.[5] The graduates completed an ICC program at the New York campus and subsequently landed entry-level jobs. Their suit was based on the claim that they could have received those jobs without any training.[5] On November 10, 2014, New York Southern District Judge Katherine B. Forrest denied ICC's motion to dismiss the lawsuit. The docket reflects that on November 13, 2015, the case was voluntarily dismissed with prejudice.[citation needed]


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