French Fried Vacation

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French Fried Vacation
Theatrical release poster
Directed byPatrice Leconte
Screenplay byPatrice Leconte
Le Splendid
Produced byYves Rousset-Rouard
StarringJosiane Balasko
Michel Blanc
Marie-Anne Chazel
Christian Clavier
Gérard Jugnot
Thierry Lhermitte
CinematographyJean-François Robin
Music byMichel Bernholc
Serge Gainsbourg
Trinacra Films
Release date
  • 22 November 1978 (1978-11-22)
Running time
92 minutes
Box office$17.3 million[1]

French Fried Vacation (French: Les Bronzés, [le bʁɔ̃ze]) is a cult French comedy film directed by Patrice Leconte. The film satirizes life resorts such as Club Med. It is one of many films by the French comedy group Le Splendid. Josiane Balasko, Michel Blanc, Marie-Anne Chazel, Gérard Jugnot, Thierry Lhermitte and Christian Clavier wrote and created together the play "Amours, Coquillages et Crustacés", and drew the scenario for Les Bronzés from this café-théâtre piece.[2] The film has achieved cult status in France, where it sold 2.2 million tickets during its initial theatrical release.

It was followed by two sequels, also directed by Patrice Leconte: Les Bronzés font du ski (1979) and Les Bronzés 3: Amis pour la vie (2006).


Gigi, Jérôme, Christiane, Jean-Claude, and Bernard arrive at a holiday village in the Ivory Coast, where Bernard finds his wife Nathalie, who arrived a week earlier. They are welcomed by the organisers, among them Popeye and the eccentric emcees Bobo and Bourseault. The film follows the humorous couplings and uncouplings of the group as they enjoy the various activities available, especially Popeye's attempt to seduce record numbers of women and, in stark contrast, Jean-Claude's failure to seduce even one.



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