French Garden, Celle

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The Caroline Matilda Memorial made of Crottendorf marble at the East Gate

The French Garden (German: Französischer Garten) in Celle, in the German state of Lower Saxony, is a public park in the south of the historic old town or Altstadt. On both sides of a straight avenue of lime trees forming its east–west axis are flowerbeds, lawns, copses and a pond with a fountain.

The Church of St. Ludwig at the West Gate

Its current appearance is no longer that of a true French Garden, but rather that of an English Garden. Laid out towards the end of the 17th century as a baroque courtyard and leisure garden by French gardeners, Perronet and Dahuron, the gardens were given their present shape in the mid-19th century based on plans by the inspector of gardens, Schaumburg.

The French Garden in Celle is a protected historic garden.

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Coordinates: 52°37′14.9″N 10°4′58.5″E / 52.620806°N 10.082917°E / 52.620806; 10.082917