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French 1 Rupee, 1938

The roupie or rupee was the currency of French India. It was equal to the Indian rupee issued by the British and then Indian governments. One rupee was worth 2.40 francs-or. Until 1871 it was issued as coins with the roupie divided into 8 fanons, each of 3 doudous or 20 cash. From 1891, banknotes were issued by the Banque de l'Indochine, which circulated alongside coins issued by British India.

Table of 1843 exchange rates[edit]

Pagodes Roupies Fanons
1 3.5 28 560 8.40
1 8 160 2.40
1 20 0.30
1 0.015

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  • Annuaire statistique des établissements français dans l'Inde By Pierre-Constant Sicé, 1843.

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