French Kiss: Stephen Harper's Blind Date with Quebec

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French Kiss: Stephen Harper's Blind Date with Quebec
French Kiss book cover.jpg
First edition cover of Canadian release
Author Chantal Hébert
Country Canada
Subject Politics of Quebec
Genre Non-fiction, book[1]
Publisher Knopf Canada
Publication date
April, 2007
Media type Print (Hardcover & Paperback)
Pages 256 pp.
ISBN 9780676979077

French Kiss: Stephen Harper’s Blind Date with Quebec is a non-fiction book written by Chantal Hébert, a Canadian writer and columnist for the Toronto Star and Le Devoir, first published by Knopf Canada in April 2007. In the book, the author recounts the 2006 general election in the province of Quebec and the improbable dominance of the Conservative Party in that region. Hébert describes the outcome as a "combination of Harper’s tactical brilliance and Paul Martin’s political ineptitude." The book presents complex issues in "clear and concise" prose. Hébert's enduring quality throughout the telling is objectivity, an increasingly rare trait amongst journalists.[2]

Awards and honours[edit]

French Kiss received shortlist recognition for the 2008 "Edna Staebler Award for Creative Non-Fiction".[3]

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