French National Stayers Championships

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The French National Stayers Championships are held annually. The stayers event is often known as motor-paced, it is held on a cycling track, the riders follow a motor throughout the race, the rider of the motor is known as their pacer. The event is relatively long for track racing and requires a (steep and wide) track that is suited for these high-speed events, and therefore is held separate from the French National Track Championships. The championship is an open event, in that riders of other nationalities also compete for the French title. All those listed below where nationality is not denoted, are French.


Year Gold Silver Bronze
1885 Jules Dubois Henri Pagis Xavier Cruat
1886 Frédéric De Civry Jules Dubois Alphonse Baugé
1887 Frédéric De Civry Charles Terront Jules Dubois
1888 Charles Terront Louis Cottereau Paul Medinger
1889 Charles Terront Michel Hermet Henri Beconnais
1890 Henri Beconnais Dominique De Mello Jules Dubois
1891 Fernand Charron Henri Fournier Henri Beconnais
1892 Henri Farman Jules Dubois Switzerland Charles Piquet
1893 Lucien Louvet Henri Fournier André Fossier
1894 Constant Huret Edmond Jacquelin Jacques Dubois (Soibad)
1895 Lucien Lesna Pierre Lartigue Gustave Siolliac (alias Caillois)
1896 Alphonse Baugé Edmond Williams Edouard-Henry Taylor
1897 Emile Bouhours Paul Bourotte Denis Digeon
1898 Emile Bouhours Alphonse Baugé Denis Digeon
1899 Edouard-Henry Taylor Emile Bouhours Alphonse Baugé
1900 Emile Bouhours Alphonse Baugé Edouard Leonard
1901 Paul Bourotte Charles Jué Eugenio Bruni
1902 Emile Bouhours Henri Contenet Henri Cornet
1903 Henri Contenet Paul Dangla Charles Albert Brécy
1904 Albert Champion Paul Guignard Henri Contenet
1905 Paul Guignard Marcel Lecuyer César Simar
1906 Louis Darragon Antoine Dussot Emile Bouhours
1907 Louis Darragon Antoine Dussot Maurice Bardonneau
1908 Georges Parent Paul Guignard Henri Contenet
1909 Georges Parent Louis Darragon Ellena
1910 Georges Parent Louis Darragon Maurice Bardonneau
1911 Louis Darragon Emile Bouhours Daniel Lavalade
1912 Paul Guignard Louis Darragon Daniel Lavalade
1913 Paul Guignard Daniel Lavalade Georges Parent
1914 Paul Guignard Georges Parent Achille Germain
1919 Georges Seres Sr. Laurre
1920 Georges Seres Sr. Leon Didier Henri Fossier
1921 Leon Didier Marcel Godivier Henri Fossier
1922 Georges Seres Sr. Gustave Ganay Marcel Godmer
1923 Georges Seres Sr. Léon Parisot Jules Miquel
1924 Robert 'Toto' Grassin Gustave Ganay Georges Seres Sr.
1925 Georges Seres Sr. Ali Neffatti Marcel Godivier
1926 Gustave Ganay André Jubi Ernest Catudal
1927 Jean Brunier Léon Parisot Georges Paillard
1928 Georges Paillard Léon Parisot Henri Breau
1929 Georges Paillard Léon Parisot
1930 Georges Paillard Charles Lacquehay François Urago
1931 Georges Paillard Charles Lacquehay Robert 'Toto' Grassin
1932 Georges Paillard Charles Lacquehay François Urago
1933 Charles Lacquehay
1934 Georges Paillard Georges Wambst Charles Lacquehay
1935 Georges Wambst Charles Lacquehay Georges Paillard
1936 André Raynaud Georges Wambst Ernest Terreau
1937 Ernest Terreau Georges Wambst Charles Lacquehay
1938 Henri Lemoine Georges Paillard Charles Lacquehay
1939 Louis Minardi Georges Wambst Emile Sausin
1940 Georges Wambst Raoul Lesueur Robert Oubron
1941 Ernest Terreau Henri Lemoine Louis Minardi
1942 Henri Lemoine Raoul Lesueur Louis Chaillot
1943 Ernest Terreau Raoul Lesueur Louis Minardi
1944 Louis Chaillot Louis Minardi Raoul Lesueur
1945 Henri Lemoine Louis Chaillot Gabriel Claverie
1946 Louis Chaillot Raoul Lesueur Henri Lemoine
1947 Jean-Jacques Lamboley Louis Chaillot Raoul Lesueur
1948 Jean-Jacques Lamboley Gabriel Claverie Paul Chocque
1949 Raoul Lesueur Jean-Jacques Lamboley Guy Bethery
1952 Henri Lemoine Raoul Lesueur Gabriel Claverie
1953 Henri Lemoine Roger Queugnet Guy Solente
1954 Roger Queugnet Roger Rioland Guy Solente
1955 Roger Godeau Roger Rioland Guy Bethery
1956 Roger Godeau Ange Le Strat Henri Lemoine
1957 Roger Godeau Bernard Bouvard André Boher
1958 Bernard Bouvard Roger Godeau Georges Lavalade
1959 Bernard Bouvard Roger Godeau Jean Raynal
1960 Roger Godeau Jean Raynal André Retrain
1961 Jean Raynal Robert Varnajo Michel Scob
1962 Robert Varnajo Jean Raynal André Retrain
1963 Robert Varnajo Roger Hassenforder André Retrain
1964 Robert Varnajo Michel Scob Antège Godelle
1965 Jean Raynal Robert Varnajo Michel Scob
1966 Jean Raynal Daniel Salmon Robert Giscos
1967 Jean Raynal Daniel Salmon Antège Godelle
1968 Jean Raynal Daniel Salmon Antège Godelle
1969 Michel Scob Jean Raynal Daniel Salmon
1970 Michel Scob
1973 Alain Van Lancker Christian Palka Christian Raymond
1974 Alain Dupontreue Enzo Mattioda Bernard Masson
1975 Enzo Mattioda Alain Dupontreue Patrick Cluzaud
1976 Alain Dupontreue Enzo Mattioda Alain Van Lancker
1977 Alain Dupontreue Mariano Martínez Marcel Boishardy
1978 Alain Dupontreue Gilles Blanchardon Dominique Thiébaud
1979 Dominique Thiébaud Pierre Trentin Jean-Claude Rude
1980 Pierre Trentin Dominique Thiebaud Jean-Luc Blanchardon
1981 Franck Clemente Pierre Trentin Dominique Thiebaud
1982 Jean-Claude Lecourieux Pierre Trentin Dominique Thiebaud
1983 Jean-Claude Lecourieux Dominique Thiebaud Joël Palmace
1984 Bruno Garnier Pierre Trentin Dominique Thiebaud
1985 Frédéric Vichot Eric Guyot Yvon Bertin
1986 Jacques Decrion Thierry Barrault Gerard Simonnot
1987 Patrick Gouin François Jurain Jean-François Pouzet
1988 Philippe Tarantini Jean-François Pouzet Alain Parisot
1989 Serge Crottier-Combe Gerard Simonnot Alain Parisot
1990 Pascal Chollet Christian Pierron Eric Giletto
1991 Michel Dubreuil Serge Crottier-Combe Jean-Louis Nicolas (cyclist)
1992 Serge Crottier-Combe Christian Pierron Marc Duval
1993 Serge Crottier-Combe Hervé Dagorne Belgium Marc Seynaeve
1994 Belgium Marc Seynaeve Michel Dubreuil Frederic Thomas
1997 Belgium Marc Seynaeve Serge Crottier-Combe Nicolas Fournier
1999 Anthony Gillot Belgium Marc Seynaeve Olivier Ouvrard
2000 Anthony Gillot Belgium Marc Seynaeve Serge Crottier-Combe
2001 Belgium Marc Seynaeve Anthony Gillot Stéphane Benetiere
2002 Stéphane Benetiere Samuel Dumoulin Belgium Marc Seynaeve
2003 Samuel Dumoulin Stéphane Benetiere Steven Dupouy
2004 Stéphane Benetiere Anthony Gillot Mickael Buffaz
2005 Samuel Dumoulin David Derepas Benoît Daeninck
2006 David Derepas François Lamiraud Benoît Daeninck
2007 David Derepas Mickaël Buffaz Emilien Clere
2008 Mickaël Buffaz David Derepas Antoine Gorichon
2009 David Derepas Antoine Gorichon Emilien Clere
2010 David Derepas François Lamiraud Antoine Gorichon
2011 Benoît Daeninck David Derepas Emilien Clere
2012 Benoît Daeninck David Derepas Antoine Gorichon
2013 Benoît Daeninck Emilien Clere David Derepas
2014 Emilien Clere Alexandre Paccalet Antoine Gaudillat
2015 Antoine Gaudillat Christopher Gamez Kevin Fouache