French Provisional Ministry of 1830

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French Provisional Ministry of 1830
Flag of France.png
cabinet of France
Date formed 1 August 1830
Date dissolved 11 August 1830
People and organisations
Head of state Louis-Philippe d'Orléans
Predecessor Paris Municipal Commission Ministry of 1830
Successor First ministry of Louis-Philippe

The French Provisional Ministry of 1830 was announced on 1 August 1830 by Louis-Philippe d'Orléans in his capacity as Lieutenant General of the kingdom. It replaced the Paris Municipal Commission Ministry announced the day before after the revolution in which the Bourbon Restoration monarchy was deposed. On 11 August 1830 it was replaced by the First ministry of Louis-Philippe.


On 1 August 1830 Louis-Philippe first announced that the ministers named by the Paris Municipal Commission should retain their positions. Later that day he announced various changes.[1] The ministers were:[2]


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