French Senate election, 1965

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The third senatorial elections of the Fifth Republic were held in France on September 26, 1965.[1]


This election has depended largely of the results of 1965 municipal elections.


Group Ideology Seats +/− Percentage
  Independent Republicans (RI) Liberalism, Right-wing 60 Decrease5 21,9 %
  Socialist (SOC) Socialism, Left-wing 52 Steady0 19,0%
  Democratic Left (GD) Radicalism, Right-wing, Left-wing 50 Steady0 18,2%
  Popular Republicans and Democratic Centre (RPCD) Christian democracy, Right-wing 38 Increase3 13,9%
  Union for the New Republic (UNR) Gaullism, Right-wing 30 Decrease2 10,9%
  Republican Centre of Rural and Social Action (CNIP) Conservatism, Right-wing 19 Decrease1 6,9%
  Communist (COM) Communism, Left-wing 14 Steady0 5,1%
  Non-Registered (NI) None 11 Increase5 4,0%
Total: 274 Steady0 100,0 %

Senate Presidency[edit]

On October 2, 1965, Gaston Monnerville was re-elected president of the Senate.

List of senators elected[edit]