2004 French Senate election

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French Senate election, 2004

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A third of seats (117) to the French Senate
  First party Second party Third party
  JosselindeRohan.JPG Jean-Pierre Bel (2012).JPG Bayrou Bercy 2007-04-18 n35.jpg
Leader Josselin de Rohan Jean-Pierre Bel Michel Mercier
Leader's seat Morbihan Ariège Rhône
Last election 162 83 31
Seats won 155 97 33
Seat change Decrease 7 Increase 14 Increase 2

President of the Senate before election

Christian Poncelet

Elected President of the Senate

Christian Poncelet

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Following the end of the 9-year terms of 127 "series C" senators, indirect senatorial elections were held in France on September 26, 2004.

This was the last renewal of serie C senators- following the electoral reform, senators are not elected by thirds to nine-year terms but by halves to six-year terms.

Since 2001, 10 seats had been added to Senate. This election elected Senators from 28 departments on the mainland (115 seats including 107 incumbents and 8 new seats), 2 from Guadeloupe and Martinique (5 seats including 4 incumbents and one new seat), 2 from overseas territories, Mayotte and Saint-Pierre-et-Miquelon (3 seats including 2 incumbents and one new seat), and 4 senators representing French citizens abroad.

The 117 incumbents were divided in the following way:


Group Seats (2001) Seats (2004) Change
  UMP Group 162 155 –7
  Socialist Group 83 97 +14
  Centrist Union - UDF Group 31 33 +2
  Communist, Republican and Citizen Group 23 23 ±0
  Democratic, Social, and European Rally 17 16 –1
  Non-Inscrits 5 7 +2
Total: 321 326 +5