French Silk

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French Silk
Author Sandra Brown
Language English
Genre Romance
Published 8 May 1992 (Warner Books) [1]
Media type Print (Hardcover, Paperback)
Pages 416
ISBN 0-446-51654-6

French Silk is a romance novel written by Sandra Brown. It was published in 1992,[2] and made the New York Times bestseller list.[3] The novel is set in New Orleans and revolves around the murder of a televangelist; the suspects include the female founder of the "French Silk" mail order catalog whom the preacher had targeted as sinful.[4]

It was also made into a 1994 TV movie starring Susan Lucci and R. Lee Ermey.

The book was the first of Brown's novels to be released in hardcover, and the first to be made into a movie.[5] Its first print run was 150,000 copies.[6]


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