French Socialist Party presidential primary, 1995

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Socialist Party presidential primary, 1995
February 5, 1995 2006 →
  Lionel Jospin 2008.jpg Emmanuelli.jpg
Nominee Lionel Jospin Henri Emmanuelli
Party PS PS
Popular vote 52,250 27,095
Percentage 65.85% 34.15%

Previous Socialist nominee

François Mitterrand

Socialist nominee

Lionel Jospin

The 1995 Socialist Party presidential primary was the selection process by which members of the Socialist Party of France chose their candidate for the 1995 French presidential election.

Lionel Jospin won the primary by a huge margin.[1] He later lost the presidential election to conservative candidate Jacques Chirac on 7 May 1995, obtaining 47% of the vote in the runoff.

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