French brig Créole (1809)

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French Navy Ensign French Navy EnsignFrance
Name: Créole
Builder: Île de France
Launched: 1808
Commissioned: 1 January 1809
Struck: 30 November 1823
General characteristics
Displacement: 53 tonnes
Armament: 10 × 12-pounder carronades
Armour: Timber

The Créole was a three-masted schooner sloop of war of the French Navy.

On 26 April 1809, she left île de France under captain Bouvet, part of Hamelin's squadron. She sailed to Manilla, where she captured a British and a Portuguese prize. She took part in the re-captured of Foulpointe settlement.

In October 1809, she seized and destroyed the British settlement of Tapanoolie, near Sumatra. She took part in the Action of 18 November 1809, before returning to Île de France. There, she was converted to a brig.

She sailed to Saint Helena in 1811, and returned to Brest in 1812.

She was wrecked in Senegal on 30 November 1823.

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