French conquest of Morocco

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French conquest of Morocco
Steps of the French conquest in the Siba (anarchy)
Map showing the area conquered by period.
Zaian War (1914–21)
Rif War (1920–26)
Middle Atlas campaign (1932–34)
Anti-Atlas campaign (20 February – 10 March 1934)
Date1911 (1911)–1934 (1934)
Result French victory

France France

Chaouia tribes
Zaian Confederation
Varying other tribes
Commanders and leaders
Louis-Hubert Lyautey
Paul Prosper Henrys
Joseph-François Poeymirau
Philippe Pétain

Hajj Hammou of Oulad Hriz
Abdel-Salam Mohammed Abdel-Karim
Mhamadi Bojabbar Mohamed
Mouha ou Hammou Zayani
Moha ou Said
Ali Amhaouch
Assou Oubasslam
Casualties and losses
  • 9,445 French regulars (622 officers) killed
  • 11,254 natives killed
  • 15,000 wounded[1]

The French conquest of Morocco took place in 1911 in the aftermath of the Agadir Crisis, when Moroccan forces besieged the French-occupied city of Fez. On 30 March 1912, Sultan Abdelhafid signed the Treaty of Fez, formally ceding Moroccan sovereignty to France, transforming Morocco into a protectorate of France. However, many regions remained in revolt until 1934, when Morocco was declared pacified, but, in several regions, French authority was maintained by cooperation with local chiefs and not by military strength.[2]

On 17 April 1912, Moroccan infantrymen mutinied in the French garrison in Fez. The Moroccans were unable to take the city and were defeated by a French relief force. In late May 1912, Moroccan forces unsuccessfully attacked the enhanced French garrison at Fez. The last resistance to the conquest of Morocco occurred in 1933–34. The pacification of Morocco took over 22 years.[3][4]

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