French cruiser Jeanne d'Arc (1899)

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Jeanne d Arc-Marius Bar.jpg
Jeanne d'Arc at anchor
Class overview
Operators:  French Navy
Preceded by: Pothuau
Succeeded by: Gueydon class
Name: Jeanne d'Arc
Namesake: Joan of Arc
Laid down: October 1896
Launched: 8 June 1899[1]
Commissioned: 1902
Decommissioned: 1928
Struck: 1934
General characteristics
Type: Armoured cruiser
Displacement: 11,300 tonnes (11,122 long tons)
Length: 145 m (475 ft 9 in)
Beam: 19.4 m (63 ft 8 in)
Draught: 8.1 m (26 ft 7 in)
Installed power:
Propulsion: 3 steam engines
Speed: 21.8 knots (40.4 km/h; 25.1 mph)

The French cruiser Jeanne d'Arc was an armoured cruiser built for the French Navy at the end of the 19th century.

In 1903, she ferried President Émile Loubet to Algeria. In 1912, she replaced the Dugay-Trouin as school ship of the École Navale, departing from the tradition of using ships of the line for this purpose.

During the First World War, she was mobilised in the Atlantic squadron, and later in the Mediterranean squadron, patrolling the Dardanelles, Suez canal, and off Syria and Anatolia.

In 1919, she was reinstated as school ship, sailing nine campaigns. She was eventually decommissioned in 1928, and struck in 1934.


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