French frigate Iphigénie (1827)

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Bombardement de St Jean d Ulloa en 1838 devant Veracruz.jpg
Bombardment of San Juan de Ulúa off Vera Cruz. From left to right, the corvette Créole, and the frigates Gloire, Néréide and Iphigénie.
French Navy Ensign (1814–1830) French Navy EnsignFrance
Name: Iphigénie
Builder: Toulon
Laid down: August 1824
Launched: 3 May 1827
Commissioned: 27 September 1827
Decommissioned: 1891
Fate: Broken up in 1900
General characteristics
Type: frigate
Tonnage: 2676 tonnes
Length: 53.92 m (176.9 ft)
Beam: 14.14 m (46.4 ft)
Propulsion: Sails
Complement: 513 men
  • 60 guns :
  • 30 30-pounders
  • 28 28-pounders
  • 2 carronades

The French frigate Iphigénie was a first rank frigate of the French Navy. Launched in Toulon in 1827, she took part in the Battle of Veracruz, and was eventually broken up in 1900.


Launched in Toulon on 3 May 1827, Iphigénie was commissioned on 27 September.

In 1838, under Captain Alexandre Ferdinand Parseval-Deschenes, she was part of a frigate squadron under Charles Baudin and took part in the Battle of Veracruz, where she was the third ship in the French line of battle.

Between 1844 and 1850, Iphigénie was used as a schoolship in Toulon. She was decommissioned on 1 July 1872 and used as a mooring hulk.

Renamed to Druide in 1877, she was struck in 1891, and broken up in 1900.

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