French frigate Maréchal de Belleisle (1757)

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Name: Maréchal de Belleisle
Namesake: Charles Louis Auguste Fouquet, duc de Belle-Isle
Operator: Kingdom of France
Builder: St Malo
Launched: 1757
Fate: Captured in 1760
General characteristics
Type: frigate
Tonnage: 600 burthen tons
Propulsion: Sail
Complement: 150
  • 46-gun:
  • 30 × 12-pounders,
  • 4 × 18-pounders,
  • 12 × 6-pounders.

Maréchal de Belleisle was a 46-gun fourth rate frigate of the French Navy built in 1757. Captained by François Thurot she was captured in 1760.