French frigate Thémis (1862)

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For other ships with the same name, see French ship Thémis.
Lancement de la frégate Thémis.jpg
Launch of Thémis on 29 April 1862
French Navy EnsignFrance
Name: Thémis
Namesake: Themis
Launched: Toulon, 29 April 1862
Struck: 7 November 1882
Fate: Broken up
General characteristics
Class and type: Magicienne class frigate
Propulsion: Sails, steam
Sail plan: Ship
Armament: 46 guns

The Thémis was a 46-gun Magicienne class frigate of the French Navy.

The keel of Thémis was laid in 1847, but she took 15 years to complete: as her design would have been obsolete before completion, she was lengthened and fitted with a steam engine, and launched as a steam frigate. She took part in the French intervention in Mexico, notably ferrying Emperor Maximilian to Mexico. From 29 July 1865 to the first of January 1866, she cruised the off Terre-Neuve under captain Amédée Ribourt.

In 1874, she was redesigned as a first class cruiser, and in 1878, she became the flagship of the Southern Atlantic division. She later cruised the Sea of China, until she was decommissioned in 1882, and struck in November of that year.

Until 1929, she was used as a mooring hulk in Toulon harbour. In 1930, she was sold for scrap, and eventually burnt off Lorient on 1 July 1931.

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