French legislative election, 1839

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French legislative election, 1839
July Monarchy
1837 ←
2 and 6 March 1839 → 1842

  First party Second party Third party
  Marechal-soult.jpg Molé par Baugniet.jpg Berryer, Pierre Antoine - 1.jpg
Leader Jean-de-Dieu Soult Louis-Mathieu Molé Antoine Pierre Berryer
Party Miscellaneous left Orleanist Legitimist
Seats won 240 199 20

French National Assembly 1839.svg

Composition of the Chamber of Deputies

The 1839 general election organized the fifth legislature of the July Monarchy. The election was held on 2 March and 6 July.

Only citizens paying taxes were eligible to vote. The left won the election with a majority of 240 seats over the right.


Party Seats
  Miscellaneous left (Republicans, doctrinaires, constitutionalists) 240
  Orleanist independents 199
  Legitimists 20

Louis-Philippe of France did not have a majority and dissolved the legislature on 16 June 1842.