French legislative election, 1951 (Dahomey)

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Elections to the French National Assembly were held in French Dahomey on 17 June 1951. The territory elected two seats to the Assembly, which were won by Sourou-Migan Apithy of the Liste de l'Union Française and Hubert Maga of the Ethnic Group of the North.[1][2] Voter turnout was 44.3%.


Party Votes % Seats
Liste de l'Union Française 53,463 36.8 1
Ethnic Group of the North 49,329 33.9 1
Dahomeyan Progressive Union 18,410 12.7 0
Independent of Political Parties 10,161 7.0 0
African People's Bloc 8,686 6.0 0
Rally of the French People 5,284 3.6 0
Invalid/blank votes 2,017
Total 147,350 100 2
Registered voters/turnout 332,867 44.3
Source: Sternberger et al.


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