French people in Japan

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French people in Japan
Total population
12,273 (June 2017)[1]
Regions with significant populations
Tokyo · Yokohama · Sapporo
Japanese · French
Predominantly Roman Catholicism,
Shintoism · Protestantism · Judaism
Related ethnic groups
French diaspora

There is a small community of French people in Japan, consisting largely of expatriate professionals from France and their families.[citation needed]


The French community in Japan has been steadily increasing, rising by more than 35% in the last decade.[2] French expatriates who are working in Japan with leading foreign companies came from many different industries such as chemicals and crystal-ware.[3] At the same time, the number of French tourists has nearly doubled to 150,000 per year.[citation needed]

There are 4 bilingual schools, 60 cultural associations, and over 700 companies in Japan.[citation needed]

Notable Japanese people of French descent[edit]

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