1992 French regional elections

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French regional elections, 1992

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26 Regional Presidencies
  First party Second party Third party
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Leader Jacques Chirac Pierre Mauroy Jean-Marie Le Pen

French regional elections 1992.svg
Presidents elected by region

Regional elections were held in France on 22 March 1992. At stake were the presidencies of each of France's 26 régions, which, though they don't have legislative autonomy, manage sizeable budgets. The parliamentary right, led by the conservative Rally for the Republic and the centre-right Union for French Democracy won a landslide, winning 20 of 22 metropolitan regional presidencies. The Socialists only won the Limousin, while the Greens obtained the presidency of the Nord-Pas de Calais region.

The election was held using a one round proportional system (with a 5% threshold).

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