French ship Apollon (1788)

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Scale model of Achille, sister ship of French ship Apollon (1788), on display at the Musée de la Marine in Paris.
Revolutionary French Navy Ensign France
Name: Apollon
Namesake: Apollo, Gasparinus de Bergamo, François Séverin Marceau-Desgraviers
Builder: Rochefort
Laid down: April 1787
Launched: 21 May 1788
Commissioned: 1788
Decommissioned: 1797
  • Gasparin in February 1794
  • Apollon on 16 May 1795
  • Marceau on 6 June 1798
General characteristics [1]
Class and type: Téméraire-class ship of the line
  • 1,966 tonnes
  • 3,260 tonnes fully loaded
Length: 55.87 metres (183.3 ft) (172 pied)
Beam: 14.90 metres (48 ft 11 in)
Draught: 7.26 metres (23.8 ft) (22 pied)
Propulsion: Up to 2,485 m2 (26,750 sq ft) of sails
Armour: Timber

Apollon was a Téméraire class 74-gun ship of the line of the French Navy.

Between 1791 and 1793, she was based in Saint-Domingue.

During the Siege of Toulon, her commanding officer, Captain Imbert, negotiated the surrender of the town with Admiral Hood aboard HMS Victory. After the siege, she ferried 1,500 anti-revolutionary prisoners to Rochefort, where most of them were executed.

She took part in the battle of the Glorious First of June, and the Croisière du Grand Hiver ("Campaign of the Great Winter") in 1794–1795.

She was eventually broken up in 1798.

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