French ship Dixmude (L9015)

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For other ships of the same name, see French ship Dixmude.
BPC Dixmude.jpg
BPC Dixmude (L9015) in Jounieh bay, Lebanon 2012.
Career (France)
Name: Dixmude
Namesake: Fusiliers Marins at the battle of Diksmuide[1]
Builder: Chantiers de Saint-Nazaire
Cost: €451.6m[2] (FY 2012) (~US$600m)
Laid down: 20 January 2010 in Saint-Nazaire[1]
Launched: 17 September 2010[3]
Commissioned: December 2011
Homeport: Toulon
Status: In service
General characteristics
Class and type: Mistral-class amphibious assault ship
Displacement: 16,500 t (empty)

21,300 t (full load)

32,300 t (with ballast)
Length: 199 m (653 ft)
Beam: 32 m (105 ft)
Draught: 6.3 m (21 ft)
Installed power: 4 × Wärtsilä 16V32 (4 × 6,2 MW)
Propulsion: Diesel-electric; two Rolls-Royce Mermaid azimuth thrusters (2 × 7 MW) with 5-bladed fixed pitch propellers
Speed: 18.8 knots (34.8 km/h; 21.6 mph)
Range: 5,800 nautical miles (10,800 km) at 18 knots (33 km/h; 21 mph)
10,700 nautical miles (19,800 km) at 15 knots (28 km/h; 17 mph)
Capacity: 2 barges, one Leclerc battalion, 70 vehicles
Complement: 20 officers
80 petty officers
60 quarter-masters
450 passengers (900 for a short cruise)
150-man operational headquarter
Armament: 2 × Simbad surface-to-air missile systems
2 × 30 mm Breda-Mauser autocannons
4 × 12.7 mm M2-HB Browning machine guns
Aircraft carried: 16 heavy or 35 light helicopters

Dixmude (L9015) is an amphibious assault ship, a type of helicopter carrier, of the French Navy. She is the third vessel to bear the name, and is the third ship of the Mistral-class amphibious assault ships.

Dixmude was delivered to the French defence procurement agency on 3 January 2012, three months ahead of schedule.[4]

In January 2013, Dixmude took part in Operation Serval, ferrying elements of the 92ème Régiment d’Infanterie to Mali.[5]


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