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Five naval vessels have served in the Royal French Navy (French: Marine Royale Française), the French Navy of the Republic (French: Marine de la République), the French Imperial Navy (French: Marine Impériale Française) and French Navy (French: Marine nationale française) have been named Indomptable:


The destroyer L'Indomptable, launched in 1934, was the first to carry the insignia of the French Foreign Legion. The ship's first commander asked Général Paul-Frédéric Rollet to have the Legion as the ship's patron and guardian. The fanion of L'Indomptable was green and red, with the cannons depicted carrying the words "Magenta", "Camerone", "Tuyen Quang", and "Laffaux" (after the battles of Magenta, Camarón, Tuyên Quang and the Aisne - four engagements in which the Legion distinguished itself), and displaying the Legion's grenade as an insignia. The nuclear ballistic missile submarine Indomptable launched in 1974 continued the association.


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  1. ^ Photo was obviously taken by member of the United States Navy U.S.N ( including United States Marine Corps Aviation U.S.M.C - Naval aviation) or the United States Army Air Forces U.S.A.A.F (direct predecessor of the United States Air Force U.S.A.F)