French ship Orient (1756)

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Orient being reduced to a 74-gun
Orient being reduced to a 74-gun
Flag of the Kingdom of France (1814-1830).svgFrance
Name: Orient
Acquired: May 1759
Status: Wrecked, February 1782
General characteristics
Sail plan: Full-rigged ship
Armament: 74–80 guns

Orient was an 80-gun ship of the line of the French Navy.

Originally built for the French East India Company, she was purchased for the French Navy in May 1759.[1] In November of that year, she took part in the Battle of Quiberon Bay.

In 1778, she was reduced to a 74-gun second rate (vaisseau du 2e rang).

She was wrecked near Trincomalee in the East Indies in February 1782.