French ship Tourville (1853)

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Lebreton engraving-17.jpg
Duquesne, sister ship of Tourville. drawing by Louis Le Breton
Name: Tourville
Namesake: Anne Hilarion de Tourville
Builder: Brest [1]
Laid down: 26 August 1847 [1]
Launched: 31 October 1853 [1]
Out of service: 12 August 1872 [1]
Fate: scrapped [1]
General characteristics
Class and type: Tourville-class ship of the line
Tons burthen: 4,400 tonnes
Length: 61.40 m (201.4 ft)
Beam: 16.69 m (54.8 ft)[2]
Draught: 7.23 m (23.7 ft)[2]
  • Sail
  • Steam engine, 650 hp (485 kW)
Armament: 90 guns
Armour: Timber

Tourville was a 90-gun sail and steam ship of the line of the French Navy, lead ship of her class.


She took part in the Baltic theatre of the Crimean War, shelling Sweaborg on 10 August 1855.[1] She later took part in the French Intervention in Mexico as a troop ship.[1]

Put in ordinary in 1864, she was hulked in Cherbourg in 1871 to serve as a prison for survivors of the Paris Commune. Struck the next year, she was renamed to Nestor and eventually broken up in 1878.[1]

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