French ship Vengeur (1765)

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Vengeur mg 7151-black.jpg
Name: Vengeur[1]
Namesake: "Avenger"
Owner: French East India Company
Builder: Lorient, Caudan
Laid down: May 1756[2]
Launched: 25 October 1756[2]
In service: February 1757
Out of service: 11 July 1764 in Lorient
French Navy EnsignFrance
Name: Vengeur
Namesake: "Avenger"
Owner: French Navy
Acquired: July 1765[2]
Decommissioned: February 1784[2]
Struck: April 1784[2]
Fate: Wrecked in March 1785[2]
General characteristics
Class and type: 64-gun ship of the line
Displacement: 1300 tonnes[2]
Length: 48 m (157 ft)[2]
Beam: 12.34 m (40.5 ft)[2]
Draught: 5.2 m (17 ft)[2]
Complement: 396 men[2]

The Vengeur was a 64-gun ship of the line of the French Navy designed by Antoine Groignard.[2] She saw action with Bailli de Suffren during the American War of Independence.


Vengeur was originally built as an East Indiaman for the French East India Company. Her plans, however, followed military specification, as she was suppoesd to be able to integrate a naval squadron if necessary. She cruised as a merchantman from 1757 to 1765, when she was sold to the Navy. After a refit in Brest, she was brought into service under Captain Jean Christy de La Pallière.[2]

In October 1778, along with the frigate Belle Poule, she captured the privateer St Peters.[1] She took part in the Action of 18 December 1779, when she, along with Annibal and Réfléchi, saved a convoy from the British off Fort Royal.[2]

She took part in the Battle of Martinique (1780)

Incorporated into Suffren's squadron, she was present at the Battle of Porto Praya, although she did not take part in the action. She was similarly present at the Battle of Negapatam without fighting, while led Suffren to report her captain, Comte de Forbin.[1]

Vengeur was sold to commerce in April 1784, and wrecked off La Réunion in March 1785. [1]

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