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Eddu Grey Rock buckwheat whisky from Distillerie des Menhirs in Brittany

French whisky is whisky produced in France. The distilleries producing French whisky include Glann ar Mor and Warenghem in Brittany,[1] Guillon[2] in the Champagne region, and Grallet-Dupic[3] in Lorraine. Buckwheat whisky is produced by Distillerie des Menhirs in Plomelin, Brittany. Vercors Distillery in Drome. There are over 40 whisky distilleries currently operating or opening in France. [4]

The first French whisky was produced at Warenghem distillery in 1987, who then introduced the first single malt French whisky in 1998.[5]

According to a study in 2016, the French are the largest consumers of whisky in the world, especially Scotch.[6]

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