Frenchman's Cay

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Frenchman's Cay is an island of the British Virgin Islands in the Caribbean. It is located 2 kilometres southeast from Great Thatch and is located just east of Little Thatch by a distance of approximately 400 metres. Frenchman's Cay is connected to the main island of Tortola by a very short bridge to Tortola's West end. This cay is approximately 1.6 km long and about 500 metres wide. Frenchman's Cay has a number of houses, two restaurants, a marina, and a hotel on it. The hotel is called Frenchman's Hotel and is actually a resort complex on the island.

Coordinates: 18°22′59″N 64°42′00″W / 18.383°N 64.700°W / 18.383; -64.700