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Frenchtown is a historical, primarily black neighborhood in Tallahassee, Florida. It is the oldest such neighborhood in the state.


Frenchtown originated from 19th century settlers who moved to the area from France. Their relocation was prompted by the July 4, 1825, Lafayette Land Grant which gave Gilbert du Motier, Marquis de Lafayette a township in the U.S. of his choice. Many of his acquaintances came over and began to carry on with their lives.[1]


The Frenchtown area was home to those French settlers that did not move west to New Orleans or back to France. After the Civil War, newly freed African-Americans moved to the Frenchtown section; it occupied low-lying, relatively undesirable land, and therefore was available. From the early 20th century this area became a hub of activity with growing businesses. From 1940—1945, Ray Charles lived in this community. Nat Adderley and brother Cannonball Adderley were known to have played here in their younger days. The Red Bird Club and Cafe DeLuxe in Frenchtown provided a wealth of musical talent with "Lawyer Smith and his Band" having been here for 30 years.[2][3] The 1960s became a period of decline for Frenchtown with increases in crime and the area around Alabama Street being designated a "Drug Corridor" by the U.S. Attorney's Office.[citation needed] In April 2005, the Frenchtown Renaissance Center was completed and revitalization started.[citation needed] Frenchtown is the home of the National Register Property The Woman's Working Band House, 1921. This restored property points to the work of African American Woman who tried to provide for their community. The building is re purposed as a jazz club at this time where international Jazz Talent performs often.[4]


Frenchtown is located northwest of downtown Tallahassee. The City of Tallahassee Planning Department defined the neighborhood's boundaries as Seventh Avenue and Alabama Street to the north, Bronough Street to the east, Tennessee Street to the south and Woodward Avenue to the west.[5] However, until the 1970s it extended south of Tennessee Street to Park Avenue, including land currently occupied by the LeRoy Collins Leon County Public Library.


Residents are served by Leon County Schools. Most residents are zoned to either Riley Elementary School or Bond Elementary School, while some are zoned to Ruediger Elementary School.[6] Residents are divided between Griffin Middle School and Raa Middle School.[7] Residents are divided between Leon High School and Godby High School.[8]

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