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Frente de Reconstrução Nacional de Timor-Leste - Mudança
Leader José Luís Guterres
Founded 2011
Split from FRETILIN
National Parliament
0 / 65
Party flag
Frenti Mudanca 2015.png

Frente de Reconstrução Nacional de Timor-Leste - Mudança (English: Front for National Reconstruction of Timor-Leste - Change), commonly known as Frenti-Mudança, is a political party in East Timor led by Vice-Prime minister José Luís Guterres.[1]


The party began as a left-wing, reformist faction within FRETILIN named FRETILIN Mudança, seeking to reform the party from within.[1] In April 2006 the group attempted to remove Marí Alkatiri as FRETILIN general secretary. In the 2007 elections the group supported the former FRETILIN member José Ramos-Horta for the presidency and the National Congress for Timorese Reconstruction in the parliamentary elections.[1] Group leader José Luis Guterres was appointed Vice Prime Minister in the Xanana Gusmão-led government.[1]

Following the elections, the group renamed itself FRETLIN (removing the "I" for independence) and attempted to register as a political party for the 2012 elections. However, the Court of Appeal rejected the application, deeming that its name was too similar to FRETILIN. It submitted a second application under the name "FRENTI-Mudança", which was accepted in July 2011, although the party was forced to change its flag, as it was deemed too similar to that of FRETILIN.[1]


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