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Type Soft drink
Manufacturer Coca-Cola FEMSA Venezuela
Country of origin Venezuelan
Flavour cream soda, bubble gum

Frescolita is a Venezuelan cola. It is very similar to cream sodas found in the United States, with a taste similar to gum. Frescolita is also used to bake cakes in some places in Western Venezuela. It is marketed by Coca-Cola. Frescolita was made in 1983 and since then it has received many lawsuits from various companies (including Postobon) accusing Frescolita of copying their flavoring.

In Venezuela, while Coca-Cola is consumed more, it has been reported that Frescolita takes 10% of the general soft-drinks market of the country.[1] Up to 45% of Coca-Cola's sales of soft drinks in Venezuela is in Hit, Frescolita and Chinotto.[2]


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