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Fresh Tracks is a training and events business based in Hertfordshire, United Kingdom. The company delivers programmes worldwide with particular emphasis on United Kingdom, mainland Europe and the United Arab Emirates.


The business was founded in 1991 by Dan Collins focusing on designing and delivering experiential learning activities. In 1997, responding to a brief from Pepsi Co, Fresh Tracks created the Chocolate Challenge, a team building exercise based around creating a brand of boxed chocolates. Further exercises have since been created for both corporate clients and a number of TV shows, including The Paul O'Grady Show[1]) and Big Brother.

Having observed that trust is a primary factor in the success or demise of teams and customer relationships, Fresh Tracks teamed up with a former client David Thompson in 2007 to write: Trust Unwrapped, A story of Ethics, Integrity and Chocolate, (ISBN 978-0-9558024-0-9) a combination of business text book and fable.

In 2009 a study into the personalities of brands resulted in the production of Innocent Success (released by Video Arts[2]) which is a training film that goes behind the scenes at smoothie maker innocent to explore how their culture has impacted growth.

Fresh Charitable Trust[edit]

The Fresh Charitable Trust is a UK registered charity which supports education and enterprise in the UK and Africa. It was set up in 2005 'with the idea of advancing education'. The majority of funding goes to overseas projects.


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