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Freshness Burger
Founded 1992
Headquarters Tokyo, Japan
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Freshness Burger restaurant in Shibuya, Tokyo

Freshness Burger, often referred to simply as Freshness, is a fast food restaurant from Japan. Founded in 1992, it sells hamburgers, sandwiches, salads, and coffee drinks. It advertises itself as "Fresh and Organic," operating under the slogan "Freshness Food, Freshness Serving, Freshness People, Freshness Planet," which is displayed in English. There are several vegetarian items on the menu. It presently operates 189 locations in Japan.

Freshness Burger opened its first shop in Hong Kong on the Tsim Sha Tsui public pier, behind the Hong Kong Museum of Art. It also has branches in Shatin, Citylink Plaza located above the Shatin MTR train station.

On 1 December 2010, Freshness Burger opened its first outlet in Singapore.[citation needed] The opening of the Singapore outlet is also the brand's first store in Southeast Asia. Freshness Burger in Singapore is located at Nex Shopping Mall in Serangoon Central. It has also expanded into Century Square in Tampines, The Central in Clarke Quay and Causeway Point in Woodlands. Since 2012, all stores are closed.


Freshness Burger's menu is divided into nine categories: Classic Burger, Vegetable Burger, Hamburger, Hotdog, Side Order, Dessert, Hot Drink, Cold Drink, and Set Menu.[1]

Classic Burger[edit]

According to its website, Freshness Burger's burgers are made with "100% real" beef.[2] Its Classic Burger selections include the Classic Burger, Classic Cheese Burger, and the Classic WW Burger. The Classic WW Burger is like the Classic Cheese Burger, except that it contains two beef patties, and double the cheese (the WW indicates double).[1]

Vegetable Burger[edit]

Freshness Burger currently offers a vegetable beans burger.[3]


Freshness Burger currently offers eight varieties of hamburgers. These include the Freshness Burger, Bacon Omelet Burger, Salsa Burger, Teriyaki Burger, Teriyaki Chicken Burger, Fish Burger, Cheese Burger, and Spam Burger.[1]


In addition to its wide selection of burgers, Freshness Burger has three variations of hot dog on the menu, which include a basic Hot Dog, a Chili Beans Dog, and a Cheese Dog.[1]

Side Order[edit]

Freshness Burger's side order menu features not only the expected side order items, such as Fried Potatoes, Onion Rings, and Chicken Nuggets, but also has an array of salads, a soup, and other food offerings for purchase.[1]

According to its website, Freshness has a private contract with a farm in Hokkaido which is responsible for providing the company with its potatoes. Freshness Burger's french fries (commonly referred to in Japan as fried potato; フライドポテト or furaido poteto) are served in the style of steak fries, and are available in two sizes: small and regular.[4]


Freshness' dessert tray includes primarily cakes and doughnuts. Packaged cookies are often additionally on sale at the counter.[1] Specific dessert menu items may vary depending on the season.

Hot Drink[edit]

Freshness Burger not only advertises itself as a burger-focused fast food chain, but as a cafe. As such, its drinks selection is wide. Freshness mainly serves hot organic coffee-based drinks and organic tea.[5] However, it also sells hot lemonade and hot cocoa.[1] Additionally, seasonal drinks are occasionally introduced. Many Freshness locations began offering Chocolate Coconut Latte in January 2011, for example.

Cold Drink[edit]

Freshness does not serve fountain-style soft drinks that are typical of fast food restaurant chains, although it does offer Pepsi Nex (a calorie-free variation of Pepsi developed in Japan) and 7 Up. Freshness Burger primarily sells original cold drinks that reflect their freshness theme. Some of these include smoothies, fresh juices, natural sodas including lime and lemon-cranberry, cold teas, and cold coffee-based drinks, in addition to Draft Beer.[1]

Set Menu[edit]

Freshness Burger has three set menus that may be purchased depending on the time of the day: A Morning Set, Lunch Combo, and Cake Set. The Morning Set includes a Popover (from the Side Menu), a Hot Dog, and a Drink. The Lunch Combo is composed of the Hamburger of the Day, Fried Potatoes, and a drink. Both the morning set and lunch combo are available in two sizes. The Cake Set is available in the afternoon and includes a choice of cake and a drink.[1]


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