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Intimate Apparel, Underwear
Industry Retail
Founded 2000 (2000)
Headquarters Fairfield, New Jersey, U.S.A.
Key people

Michael Kleinmann, (president 2001–2011)

Matthew Butlein, (president 2011-2016)
Products Underwear, Shapewear, Lingerie, and Performance
Production output

Freshpair is a privately held online retailer of men’s underwear and women's intimate apparel headquartered in New York City.[1]


Freshpair was founded in 2000 out of a one-bedroom apartment and moved into its New York office in 2004.[2]

National Underwear Day[edit]

In an effort to promote underwear, Freshpair founded National Underwear Day on August 5, 2003. Employing underwear models, it advertised the event in heavily congested areas of New York, including Times Square, City Hall, and the New York Stock Exchange.[3] Following a 2012 company rebrand, Freshpair promoted National Underwear Day by launching a pop-up shop near Columbus Circle.[4] In 2013, Freshpair advertised the event in Times Square by attempting to break the Guinness World Record for largest gathering of people in their underwear.[5] The company was unable to break the record, held at 2,270 by the Utah Undie Run.[6]


Freshpair participates in the annual Underwear Run in Manhattan, sponsored by Aquaphor. In 2012, a record-breaking 500 people participated in the Underwear Run's "Celebrate America" theme.[7]

In 2013, Freshpair partnered with soccer player Cristiano Ronaldo to launch his underwear collection CR7. Ronaldo collaborated with designer Richard Chai and Scandinavia manufacturer JBS for each line.[8]

Recognition and Awards[edit]

2009: Freshpair received the Responsys Lead Forum Award.[citation needed]

2010: Freshpair received the CJYou award for Innovator of the Year.[9]

2011, 2012: made the Hot 100 list by Internet Retailer.[10]

2012: Freshpair received the PivotLink Excellence Award in Marketing Optimization.[citation needed]

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