Frettenham Windmill

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Frettenham Windmill
Frettenham Mill.jpg
The mill under conversion
Mill name Frettenham Mill
Mill location TG 24591 776
Coordinates 52°42′39.28″N 1°19′24.37″E / 52.7109111°N 1.3234361°E / 52.7109111; 1.3234361Coordinates: 52°42′39.28″N 1°19′24.37″E / 52.7109111°N 1.3234361°E / 52.7109111; 1.3234361
Operator(s) Private
Year built c1880
Purpose Corn
Type Tower mill
Storeys Five storeys
No. of sails Four sails
Winding Fantail
No. of pairs of millstones Two pairs
Size of millstones One pair 4 feet 4 inches (1.32 m)

Frettenham Mill is a Grade II listed[1] tower mill at Frettenham, Norfolk, England which has been converted to residential accommodation.


Frettenham Mill was built c1880 for Joshua Harper. He died in 1891 and the mill was offered for sale by auction at the Royal Hotel, Norwich on 18 July 1891. It was bought by Alfred Herne, who worked it until c1900.[2]

The mill had lost its sails and fantail by c1910.[3] The mill was derelict by 1937, but at that time retained the cap frame.[2] By 2004, the mill and associated outbuildings had been converted to residential accommodation. A new boat shaped cap was fitted to the mill tower.[3]

Graham Cottrell and wife Suzanne Cottrell owned the mill between 2011 and 2016, during that time the fourth mill stone (2 still in place 1 incorporated into the village sign) was returned to the site and mounted as a water feature in the garden, additionally a modern single door on the first floor was replaced with a pair of doors matching the oldest photos of the mill that are available.


For an explanation of the various pieces of machinery, see Mill machinery.

Frettenham Mill is a five storey tower mill which had a stage at second floor level. The cap was winded by a fantail. The mill had four sails. The tower is 47 feet (14.33 m) to the curb.[2] Much of the machinery survives in the converted mill, including the wooden upright shaft, wooden clasp-arm great spur wheel, cast iron crown wheel with wooden teeth and two pairs of underdrift French Burr millstones.[1] One of the millstones was incorporated into the village sign.[3]


The village sign, incorporating a millstone from Frettenham Mill
  • Joshua Harper c1880-91
  • Alfred Edward Sutton Herne 1891-c1900

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